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Rolex Day-Date 18038 “Dear Leo, thank you for the excellent watch service. I just received my serviced Rolex Day-Date 18038 from Official Time Watch (OTW). I strongly recommend OTW to new and existing customers. The customer quality service, workmanship, and thorough communication throughout the servicing period was exceptional. I was assured the watch would look and perform like new and it really does! I acquired this pre-owned timepiece in 2000 and finally had it serviced. Even after researching OTW via the internet and finding many positive indicators, I was still skeptical and spoke directly to Leo. He established my confidence in order to trust this valuable asset in OTW care. I had also researched local and internet service alternatives and OTW was the obvious decision. When Leo received my watch he phoned and confirmed its receipt. I was provided an initial assessment of the watch, condition, and component authenticity. I was then contacted as required throughout the maintenance process. I did have the non-OEM spring bars replaced at a small additional cost as suggested by Leo. I was not pressured nor upsold and felt very comfortable with the decision. Leo phoned me when the watch was ready for delivery. The bill was exactly what we had agreed to with no surprises. I received the watch as planned including the old replaced parts. Leo is extremity knowledgeable on my watch and educated me throughout the service process. Thanks OTW. You have a customer for life! ” Best regards Jim


9035 S 700 E Suite 100
Sandy, UT 84070