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Rolex Movement Disassembly and Cleaning

Our Rolex connoisseurs use state-of-the-art technology, authentic parts, and a meticulous specialized process to inspect, disassemble, and restore precise movement for your priceless luxury timepiece.

The Servicing Process

Your Rolex is more than a timepiece, it’s a priceless heirloom and a luxurious lifestyle.
We help keep it that way.

Careful Inspection

By meticulously inspecting every component for normal wear and tear caused by mechanical friction, we ensure your watch retains its value and time-telling precision. Any worn parts are replaced with genuine components followed by manufacture requirements

Photographic Records

Throughout every step of the repair and restoration process, our watch repair professionals use high-quality photographs so we can share the condition upon arrival but most importantly to update you on the status of your timepiece, necessary repairs, restorations, and replacements because we know how important your Rolex is to you.

Painstaking Disassembly

After a careful assessment of your watch, we thoroughly remove all moving parts from the case. While the case and band are set aside for rigorous, but careful cleaning and polishing, each and every movement component is disassembled, examined, and systematically replaced according to premium Rolex standards. This process takes time, patience, and watchmaking

expertise because luxury timepieces contain 100+ parts, each one important to the function, aesthetic, and eternal quality of your Rolex.

High-Tech Ultrasonic Bath

After disassembly, each premium component is delicately placed in baskets for cleaning.
Using the most innovative, high-quality ultrasonic solution and computerized system for exceptional cleaning, we remove all impurities from the movement components including old adherent and gummed dry lubricants, corrosion, and grime. This not only ensures your Rolex maintains precise time-keeping qualities but also restores the glow and aesthetic of your luxurious accessory.

Long-Lasting Restoration with a 2-Year Warranty

Our meticulous process ensures your Rolex will last forever and maintain its precision and premium excellence throughout the years. We guarantee all moving parts with a 2-year warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing your restoration is completed with the utmost care and genuine components.

Get a Free Rolex Restoration Estimate

A Rolex restoration helps you maintain or even increase the value and grandeur of your luxury timepiece, so it’s always worth it. We recommend professional restoration and service intervals every 5 years because the lubrication dries out leading to greater friction on gears and pivots. That’s why we provide a free estimate including a report of suggested services, so you can have peace of mind keeping your valuable timepiece pristine for generations to come.

Customer Testimonials


I cannot praise you and your colleagues enough for restoring my watch to almost new and so quickly. I’m sure you have received other watches in some very ingenious wrappings but I have to commend your shipping techniques…it was placed in a very nice, padded box and placed in another box for safety, then mailed with care. Thank you again for all the care you have taken with my timepiece and I will refer you highly to my friends.

Sandra, E. – City NC


Just received the return of my Jubilee in the mail Saturday. The polish and repair were beyond expectations! You were professional all the way with regular reports on the watch’s condition, updates on a complicated repair, and the replacement of parts. Most of all, there were no surprises with the cost. I would recommend your service to anyone seeking first rate Rolex service!

James S. – Texas


I can’t thank you enough for the work you did on my Sea-Dweller. I was very hesitant about putting my timepiece in a mailing box but Leo made me feel better about it. I’m so glad I did. Also his watch intelligence on the Rolex brand was phenomenal and broken down in a way I could understand them and my watch that is 30+ years old looks brand new. I will continue you use OTW for all my repair and service needs.

Tim Lawson


9035 S 700 E Suite 100
Sandy, UT 84070