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Rumors Of Discontinuation For The Coveted Rolex Pepsi

In the world of luxury timepieces, few watches can claim the same level of recognition and desirability as the Rolex Pepsi. With its striking red and blue bezel, this iconic watch has captivated collectors and enthusiasts alike since its introduction in 1954. As the very first Rolex GMT to be produced, it holds a special place in horological history.


The Rolex Pepsi quickly gained popularity for its bold design and practical functionality. Originally crafted with a two-tone aluminum insert, it became an instant classic among globetrotters and pilots who relied on its dual-time zone capabilities. However, despite its enduring appeal, rumors have surfaced that this legendary timepiece may soon be discontinued.


One reason behind this speculation is the challenging nature of producing a bi-color cerachrom insert. Crafting such an intricate component requires exceptional skill and precision, making it an arduous task for manufacturers. In fact, more than half of attempts to create these bezels reportedly end in failure.


Despite these production challenges, the Rolex Pepsi remains one of the most coveted watches on the market today. Its timeless design and rich heritage continue to captivate watch enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring that this iconic timepiece will forever hold a prominent place in horological lore. Be sure to add a Pepsi to your collection before it’s too late. Contact Official Time Watch today to get yours. 



  • February 3, 2024
    by Darrel Monahan

    Incredible insights, I’ve bookmarked this for future reference.

  • February 9, 2024
    by David Perry

    How do you enter the watch winder giveaway if you’re not on Instagram or other social media??

    • Post Author
      February 9, 2024

      Hi David, not to worry, we will add you into the pool of participants. We will send you an email if you are chosen as the winner!

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